The Ultimate Reading Challenge for 2020

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I love reading challenges.

They are fun. They are interesting. They are challenging.

Picking up a reading challenge for the year is the best way to step outside your boundaries in terms of genre, to discover new writers and keep track of all the books you have completed reading in the last 365 (or 366) days.

I scoured the internet for a 2020 reading challenge but none caught my fancy. I wanted to make a challenge that was truly that — A challenge. For a self-confessed bookworm; reading 12 books happens effortlessly; 52 might be difficult, not impossible and only a 100 pointer list can make me doubt my abilities ( arrogance overflowing? check).

Forgive me if the previous paragraph sounded too delirious; because in all honesty; it is. Reading a hundred books in a year is a huge investment of time and only flipping pages to put a tick against the reading list is absolutely pointless. It’s much better to read one good book with great intensity rather than trying to fulfil some futile list you found on the internet (like this one).

Having said that; if reading more is on your new year resolution or if you are a fellow bibliophile; a reading challenge can be extremely useful. I am not going to list down the benefits ( I already did that) because I know you could list them even if I shook you out of a midnight slumber.

So I will cut the chase and get to the point.

This is a list of 100 ideas I jotted down. Some I found on the internet, some were the offering of my cerebrum. You can go ahead and customize it. Make it a 12 pointer list, a 52 pointer list; heck, go ahead and try to complete the entire list if you like.

Reading challenge for 2020

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Happy Reading!

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Recovering Nihilist

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