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Dear Self,

Life’s journey is a long and winding one. It’s one of striving and succeeding and suffering — and repeating that cycle all over again.

But before you embark on that journey, accept all of your reigning glory and all of your pitiful dismay. Accept every shade etched on the canvas of your existence. Accept every note of your life’s symphony. Especially the one’s that sound a little off tune.

Let go of the stories you have been telling yourself. Your present reality will always be more beautiful than any fantastical dream you could conjure. Why? Because it’s real. It’s happening right now, weaving itself into the fabric of “you.” Everything that has happened to you has shaped you, moulded you, birthed you — it has made you who you are today.

Learn to accept it. Learn to love it.

That’s the easiest way out.

Amor Fati.

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