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Dear Self,

Attack ideas and actions. Not people.

Ideas are meant to be wrestled with. You need to tear them down, look through the shreds, ask questions and get to the bottom of things. Dig deep. Deeper. Continue digging until the lines of your palms are caked with mud and the skin of your hands is tousled and scarred. But get to the truth. Don’t accept anything before questioning it. Don’t accept anything at face value. Be wary of thoughts that seek to oppress, to harm or deny someone’s existence.

Don’t respect ideas. Question them.

And when maligned ideas manifest into actions, be sure to stand up. Speak up against injustice. Speak your truth but don’t forget that action will always be more valuable than words. What you do, matters. Way more than what you think or say.

This takes courage and fortitude of will, neither of which are available in abundant measure. So don’t squander your energy in fussing or complaining or outraging. Instead, do something that really makes a difference.

And in all of this, don’t forget to respect the other person. Any other path you choose will distract you from the one that matters — The path of action.

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