Recovering Nihilist


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It happens often.

At the moment, it makes perfect sense. I have a point to make. It sounds justified. Rational. I nod with certainty when I re-read the words I have poured out with utmost sincerity. It sounds like the truth.

Of course it is,” I reassure myself.

I hit publish.

The words have left my fingers and are now imprinted on the screen, but the thoughts still linger on in my mind. Over time, the surety starts to wane. I encounter new viewpoints, stronger opinions, better explanations. …

The internet can be a place for goodness.

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The Pandemic (and the lockdown imposed to tackle it) has been difficult. We have all been affected in ways, big and small. Some lost their own lives. Others lost their loved ones and were denied the chance to support them in their final hour. Many lost their jobs and for them, Life, which was already a struggle, only became harder.

The most devastatingly affected groups include street vendors. On a good day, people would flock to their eateries and these dhabbas would often be crowded with people savouring the cheap delicacies. …

We all know who I am talking about.

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Marcus Aurelius

It’s difficult to believe that we’d have anything in common with a dead Roman Emperor but Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations quickly dispels that myth. While the world has changed massively, human nature hasn’t. We are still faced with many of those problems that homo sapiens have been tackling since the dawn of society. Morning lethargy, noisy environment and the failings of character — none of that is new.

As humans, we will face demanding situations. There’s no denying that. …

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